South Africa

This is a list of notable and famous South Africans who are the subjects of Wikipedia articles.

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120,000-Year-Old Stingray Sand ‘Sculpture’ Found in South Africa

An international team of astronomers has discovered 49 new gas-rich galaxies using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa | Although the research team didn't find any star-forming gas in the galaxy they were studying, instead discovered other galaxies while inspecting the data.

Marine Mystery: Why Are Great White Sharks Disappearing in South Africa?

Square Kilometre Array prototype dish in South Africa creates first light image

Still alive! Golden mole not seen for 80 years and presumed extinct is found again in South Africa

410-Million-Year-Old Brittle Star Fossils Uncovered in South Africa

Orcas Scared Off Great White Sharks in South Africa – Now We Know Where They Went

Evidence of Earth’s Oldest Glaciers Found in South Africa - The ancient glaciers hint at an Archaean Earth that may have looked similar in some ways to our own time

South Africa to ban fishing around African penguin colonies for 10 years

BRICS group: Russia proposes joint research module on space station for China, India, Brazil and South Africa

Two New Species of Saber-Toothed Cats Identified in South Africa

5 million-year-old fossils reveal 2 new species of saber-toothed cats in South Africa

Two new sabretooth cat species identified from fossils in South Africa

World's Oldest Known Human Footprint Identified in South Africa

South Africa, India and Australia shared similar volcanic activity 3.5 billion years ago

153,000-Year-Old Homo sapiens Footprint Discovered in South Africa

South Africa's desert-like interior may have been more inviting to our human ancestors

Astronomers used machine learning to mine data from South Africa’s MeerKAT telescope and find SAURON (Steep and Uneven Ring Of Non-thermal Radiation)

360-Million-Year-Old Fossils of Giant Predatory Fish Found in South Africa

A new species of ancient bony fish from the Late Devonian has been uncovered through fossil analysis in South Africa.