Small is an English and Scottish surname, and it derives from the Old Norse Smålig meaning someone who is narrow or thin.

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Jules Janssen developed high spatial resolution photography of the solar photosphere in the late 19th century. Images of granules and small sunspots were recorded on 6000 plates through a special telescope but 99 % were destroyed or lost

Igniting Performance: Small Tweak Doubles Charging Speeds in Solid-State Batteries

Firefly to launch Lockheed Martin small-satellite experiment

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Researchers use ultrasound to control orientation of small particles

Significant progress in small-cell lung cancer research

In 1930, Bernard Lyot invented the coronagraph that allowed total solar eclipses to be recreated at will. It is essentially a telescope with a small disk in the focal plane to exactly cover the disk of the sun like the moon would

Ultra small molecule as a new target for Alzheimer's disease?

Scientists discover small RNA that regulates bacterial infection

Mexico's COLMENA Project, by UNAM, set to launch 5 small robots to the Moon this month. With future missions planned to produce oxygen and water, and transport people to the Moon in 2024

Webb Detects Small and Vigorous Black Hole in Early Universe

This Small-Brained Human Species May Have Buried Its Dead, Controlled Fire and Made Art

NASA Selects Small Business, Research Teams for Tech Development

Was a small-brained human relative the world’s first gravedigger—and artist?

The Case of the Missing Jupiters: Gas Giant Planets are a No-Show around Small Red Stars

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Small Study Reveals How to Measure Chronic Pain Using Brain Signals

Brain signatures for chronic pain identified in a small group of individuals

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Challenging Widely Accepted Theory of Planetary Formation – Small Stars May Host Bigger Planets Than Thought