Silicon Alley is an area of high tech companies centered around southern Manhattan's Flatiron district in New York City.

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Perovskite and Silicon: A Tandem Revolution in Solar Technology

Silicon spikes take out 96% of virus particles. An international research team led by RMIT University has designed and manufactured a virus-killing surface that could help control disease spread in hospitals, labs and other high-risk environments.

Silicon spikes take out 96% of virus particles

Eclipsing Silicon: The Emergence of Magnon-Based Computing Technologies

Beyond Silicon: New Sustainable Method for Creating Organic Semiconductors

Silk Meets Silicon: The Dawn of Biological Hybrid Transistors

Scientists develop new method to recover high-purity silicon from expired solar panels for upcycling into lithium-ion batteries

Pioneering beyond-silicon technology via residue-free field effect transistors

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Silicon Valley Confronts the Singularity

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Chinese team creates ‘highly efficient, flexible’ silicon solar cells

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A Number System Invented by Inuit Schoolchildren Will Make Its Silicon Valley Debut

First silicon integrated ECRAM for a practical AI accelerator

How the Psychology of Silicon Valley Contributed to a Bank Collapse

What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Means for Science Start-ups

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Space sector reacts to collapse of Silicon Valley Bank