Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a country in Western Asia.

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Arizona to End Water Leases to Saudi-Owned Alfalfa Farm

Axiom Space raises $350 million from Saudi and Korean investors

Saudi Arabia Cabinet approves transformation of Saudi Space Commission into an agency

Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans for space. Its astronauts on SpaceX's private Ax-2 mission are just the start, official says

SpaceX launches Saudi Arabia’s first female astronaut into space

SpaceX launches Ax-2 private astronaut mission to station, 1st Saudi woman in space on board (video)

Houston's Axiom Space sends 4 people, including first female Saudi astronaut, to space station

Excitement builds for Ax-2 SpaceX launch that will send 1st Saudi woman to space

Saudi Arabia's 1st female astronaut hopes kids follow in her footsteps

Several space records will be set for the Arab world this weekend. When the first Saudi Astronauts, Rayyana Barnawi and Ali al-Qarni reach the ISS, they will join Al Neyadi from UAE. Barnawi will be the first Arab woman to go to space, and this will be the first time 3 Arab astronauts are in orbit.

Saudi-crewed Axiom space mission delayed - The Axiom 2 space mission featuring two Saudi astronauts, including the first Arab woman in space, has been postponed.

There have been several cases of renowned scientists being offered large sums of money by institutions in authoritarian countries – such as Saudi Arabia. This is just the tip of the iceberg: the commercialization of our scientific system is causing real and widespread damage

Uncovering the Secrets of an Ancient Stone Monument: New Findings From an Archaeological Site in Saudi Arabia

Real Function of Saudi Arabia’s Neolithic Monuments Exposed in New Research

Axiom’s U.S.-Saudi Crew Approved for Private Mission to Space Station

SpaceX to launch 1st Saudi woman to space on private Ax-2 mission

Saudi Arabia in talks over plans for next-generation space stations. Saudi space official lays out ambitions for commercial ventures among the stars.

Inside the Saudi Strategy to Keep the World Hooked on Oil

Saudi astronauts to fly on Ax-2 mission to ISS

SpaceX will fly 2 Saudi astronauts to space station on private Axiom Space mission