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Sols 4229-4231: More Analyses of the Mammoth Lakes 2 Sample!

A sample from asteroid Bennu contains organic compounds usually found at midocean ridges on Earth, suggesting Bennu may have been part of an ancient ocean world

The European Space Agency has big plans for Saturn's moon Enceladus - a probable mission aimed for launch in the early 2040s will focus on collecting a sample from Enceladus’ water geysers using a lander/orbiter flyby and looking for biosignatures

China plans for 2024: 100 launches into space and a mission to collect a sample from the moon

NASA cracks open its first sample from an asteroid, foiling two sticky screws

Sample Return from the Surface of Venus - At 450°C and 92 atmosphere pressure, the surface of Venus is the most hostile environment to explore in the solar system. This project will pioneer a new approach to return a sample from the surface of Venus

How NASA Captured Asteroid Dust to Find the Origins of Life | The sample of the space rock Bennu that OSIRIS-REx collected could unlock an ancient existential mystery

China Wants to Retrieve a Sample of Mars by 2028

You Can See NASA’s Bennu Asteroid Sample In Person: Here’s How

NASA’s first look at a sample from asteroid Bennu reveals life’s building blocks

NASA’s Bennu Asteroid Sample Contains Carbon, Water

NASA Scientists Got a Surprise When They Opened Up Sample of Bennu Asteroid Dust

Novel AI Technique Reveals Sample’s Biological or Non-Biological Origin with 90% Accuracy

Sample Return Capsule from NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex Mission Lands Successfully in Utah

NASA's OSIRIS-REx capsule returns to Earth with a sample from the 'potentially hazardous' asteroid Bennu

OSIRIS-REx team completes final test before asteroid sample delivery The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will deliver a sample from asteroid Bennu to scientists waiting in the Utah desert on Sept. 24. University Communications and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Sept. 1, 2023.