Ryūgū-jō or Ryūgū is the supernatural undersea palace of Ryūjin or Dragon God in Japanese tradition. It is best known as the place in fairytale where Urashima Tarō was invited after saving a turtle, where he was entertained by the Dragon God's princess Oto-hime and his minions, but when Urashima returned back to land after what he thought was a few days away, centuries had passed.

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How was the solar system formed? The Ryugu asteroid is helping us learn

Mineral Samples May Have Just Revealed The Mysterious Birthplace of Asteroid Ryugu

Samples From Asteroid Ryugu Shed New Light on Solar System History

International researchers have revealed that the Ryugu asteroid originated from the outer edge of the Solar System beyond the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn.

Researchers Find Extraterrestrial Noble Gases in Asteroid Ryugu Sample

Asteroid Ryugu was born out in the cold, in the solar system's earliest days

Scientists Discover Asteroid Ryugu Came From Edges of Outer Space. Iron isotopes from Ryugu’s rock samples suggested that the asteroid’s construction significantly differed from typical carbon-rich meteorites in the Solar system.

Asteroid Ryugu Shifted to Current Orbit 5 M. Years Ago

Thanks to Hayabusa 2’s Samples, Scientists can Track the History of Ryugu Earlier in the History of the Solar System

Near-Earth asteroid Ryugu was born in the outer solar system 4 billion years ago

Near-Earth asteroid Ryugu was born in the outer solar system 4 billion years ago

Team identifies parent body materials in Ryugu asteroid

Analysis of particles of the asteroid Ryugu delivers surprising results

Asteroid Ryugu’s Parent Body Formed in Outer Solar System, New Analysis Suggests

Samples From Asteroid Ryugu Contain Bits That Came From Outside the Solar System

Asteroid Ryugu Reveals Ancient Grains of Stardust Older Than The Solar System

Grains of dust from asteroid Ryugu older than our solar system

Asteroid Ryugu contains dust older than the solar system

Samples of Asteroid Ryugu Contain More Than 20 Amino Acids

Asteroid Ryugu contains material older than the planets, among the most primitive ever studied on Earth