RUDN University

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RUDN University biologists prove the anticancer potential of macrophages

RUDN University chemists obtained an unusual planar nickel complex exhibiting magnetic properties

RUDN University chemists propose a one-step synthesis of substances for medicine

RUDN University mathematicians calculate the density of 5G stations for any network requirements

RUDN University chemist strengthens the catalyst for oxidiazoles synthesis by 3 times

RUDN University chemists synthesize biodiesel from jatropha curcas plant

RUDN University chemists create substances for supramolecules' self-assembly

RUDN University doctors found out the role of macrophages in liver regeneration

RUDN University biologists develop a rapid test for detecting the fire blight in plants

RUDN University medics detect alterations in amino acid profiles in children with ADHD

RUDN University biologist tested the resistance of bioplastics to aggressive environment

RUDN University scientists in pharmaceutical technology proved effectiveness of new dosage form

RUDN University chemist proposed eco-friendly synthesis of fluorescent compounds for medicine

RUDN University chemist created coordination polymers with up to 99.99% antibacterial efficiency

RUDN University chemists created anti-hantavirus drugs 5 times more efficient than existing drugs

RUDN University chemists created cheap catalysts for ethanol conversion

RUDN University chemists found a way to increase the efficiency of metathesis reactions

Marjoram supports health and weight gain in carps, say biologist from RUDN University

RUDN University professor suggested how to calculate the implant materials permeability

Biologists from RUDN University suggested a new substance to suppress neuroinflammation