Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce (always hyphenated) may refer to:

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The British Space Agency commissioned Rolls-Royce to develop a nuclear reactor to power future astronauts on the lunar base. Minireactors will help avoid dependence on solar energy, which is less available, particularly on the Moon

Rolls-Royce gets funding to develop miniature nuclear reactor for moon base

UK Space Agency funds Rolls-Royce's bid to put a nuclear reactor on the moon | The technology is estimated to arrive by 2029.

Rolls-Royce go-ahead to build a nuclear reactor on Moon

UK Space Agency funds Rolls-Royce to develop nuclear reactor for the Moon

Rolls-Royce secures funds to develop nuclear reactor for moon base

Rolls-Royce Designs Micro-Reactor To Safely Transport Humans To Mars One Day -

Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engine Could Power Quick Trips to the Moon and Mars

Rolls-Royce Space Reactor, Close Call in Orbit, Webb’s Back

Rolls-Royce Reveals a Nuclear Reactor That Could Provide Power on the Moon

Rolls-Royce unveils early-stage design for space nuclear reactor

Boom Supersonic and Rolls-Royce part ways on engine development

Rolls Royce moves to Leicester space research centre for research applications of nuclear power in space