Rocket Lab

The Acorn Electron (nicknamed the Elk inside Acorn and beyond) was a lower-cost alternative to the BBC Micro educational/home computer, also developed by Acorn Computers Ltd, to provide many of the features of that more expensive machine at a price more competitive with that of the ZX Spectrum.

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Rocket Lab gearing up to refly Electron booster for 1st time

Rocket Lab to launch NASA's new solar sail technology no earlier than April 24

Rocket Lab Selected by Space Systems Command to Build and Launch Spacecraft for Tactically Responsive Space (TacRS) Mission

Rocket Lab wins $14.4 million contract to launch Space Test Program experiment

Rocket Lab launches mysterious spy satellites in 4th-ever US liftoff (video)

Rocket Lab launches a commercial radar-imaging satellite in dramatic night launch (video)

Rocket Lab pushing for first Neutron launch in 2024

Rocket Lab won’t be ready to launch its new rocket by year’s end, documents suggest. This likely means a delay for the Pentagon’s effort to boost competition for rocket launches.

Rocket Lab launches ADRAS-J space junk inspection satellite for Astroscale (video)

Watch Rocket Lab launch 4 private satellites, recover booster early Jan. 31

Space Development Agency confirms Rocket Lab will produce 18 satellites for U.S. military network

Rocket Lab wins $515 million contract to build 18 satellites for U.S. government agency

Watch Rocket Lab return to flight with satellite launch tonight

Rocket Lab aims for Dec. 13 Electron launch, 1st since failure in September

US military taps Rocket Lab to launch hypersonic test vehicle in 2025

Rocket Lab to launch hypersonic test vehicle for the Defense Innovation Unit

September launch failure likely caused by 'electrical arc,' Rocket Lab says

Rocket Lab pushes to get launch business back on track, with 22 Electron missions booked next year

Rocket Lab targets late 2024 for private Venus mission launch

Rocket Lab plans launch of Venus mission as soon as late 2024