Right Stuff

The Right Stuff is a 1983 American epic historical drama film written and directed by Philip Kaufman and based on the 1979 book of the same name by Tom Wolfe.

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Wooden satellites? Japan proves magnolia has right stuff for space

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Out of 12,000 Applicants, NASA Finds 10 New Astronaut Trainees With The Right Stuff

It's difficult to tell what a planet is made of without drilling in, but finding habitable exoplanets that have the "right stuff" for life may be easier if we look at chemical abundances in the star to confirm there's iron or carbon present in the system.

60 years ago today, Liberty Bell 7 prematurely blew its hatch after splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean. For decades, a myth persisted (largely due to Tom Wolff's "The Right Stuff") that astronaut Gus Grissom panicked and blew the hatch early. Now, new evidence shows static electricity is to blame.