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Researchers find connections between neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease

Cracking the code: Researchers unravel how mutant protein drives cancer growth

Is graphene the best heat conductor ever? Researchers investigate with four-phonon scattering

Researchers engineer a material that can perform different tasks depending on temperature

Researchers pioneer a new way of searching for dark matter

Researchers find neurons work as a team to process social interactions

Testosterone hormone therapy for transmasculine individuals is safer than previously thought, researchers find

The Death of the Amazon River Dolphin: "The Amazon region is suffering from a vast drought, which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of river dolphins. Researchers are trying to determine if it is a sign that the "tipping point" has been reached."

The list of the world’s most-cited scientists excludes 1,000 researchers over fraudulent practices

Researchers Ponder Why Animals Adopt Other Species' Orphans

Researchers use independent measurement methods to reveal the earliest stages of star development. The study, which makes it possible to determine the earliest stages of a star's life, has been published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Antibiotic Breakthrough – Researchers Create New Molecule To Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

Is it too late to keep global warming below 1.5 °C? The challenge in 7 charts - Chances are rapidly disappearing to limit Earth’s temperature rise to the globally agreed mark, but researchers say there are some positive signs of progress.

Researchers develop new method for prenatal genetic testing

Researchers pinpoint brain area where people who are blind recognize faces identified by sound

Researchers Produce High-Quality Genome Assembly for North American Bison

Researchers puncture 100-year-old theory of odd little 'water balloons'

Feeling full? Researchers pinpoint neurons that prevent eating too much, too fast

Researchers shed light on how one deadly pathogen makes its chemicals

Researchers help unravel brain processes involved in vision