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The rate, nature and transmission of mitochondrial DNA mutations in humans - EurekAlert

Rate of global warming caused by humans at an all-time high, say scientists

Scientists Warn: Rate of Human-Caused Global Warming at All-Time High

Humans may be accelerating the rate at which organic matter decomposes in rivers and streams. That could pose a threat to biodiversity in waterways around the world and increase the amount of carbon in Earth’s atmosphere.

Gigahertz-rate switchable wavefront shaping by LNOI-empowered metasurface - EurekAlert

Global rainforest loss continues at rate of 10 football pitches a minute | Deforestation

Asia is the only region which is broadly on track to triple renewables in line with 1.5ºC by 2030. This is primarily driven by growth in China and India which compensates for laggards like South Korea, where renewable capacity is set to grow at half the rate of the region as a whole.

New study examines the relationship between the rate of wound healing, the circadian rhythm, and 'hair' on cells

Electronic pill monitors your breathing and heart rate from your gut

Eight healthy habits that could slow your rate of ageing

“Shocking” – Rate of Climate-Driven Extinction Is Drastically Accelerating