Racial Disparities

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Racial disparities can affect brain development in Black children - "In the American Journal of Psychiatry study, Black children showed lower amygdala, hippocampus and gray matter volumes compared with white children."

New tech aims to reduce racial disparities in blood measurements

A Community-Led Response Can Help Stem Racial Disparities in COVID

Racial Disparities Have Marked the Monkeypox Vaccine Rollout

Soaring Overdose Rates in the Pandemic Reflected Widening Racial Disparities

Adopting low-carbon energy can reduce racial disparities in air pollution

At-Home Covid Test Use Has Surged, But Racial Disparities Persist, CDC Finds

Stark racial disparities remain in US physics

FEMA Says It’s Still Working to Fix Racial Disparities in Disaster Aid

How to Reduce Racial Disparities in Smoking Deaths

COVID-19 shutdowns reveal racial disparities in exposure to air pollution

COVID-19 shutdowns reveal racial disparities in exposure to air pollution

Officers' tone of voice reflects racial disparities in policing

Cancer screenings rebounded in 2020 after COVID but racial disparities remain

Study sheds light on persistent racial disparities in prostate cancer care in the United States

FEMA Disaster Aid Often Widens Racial Disparities

BU study: Racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality wider than reported

Study finds racial disparities in concussion symptom knowledge among college athletes

Rural-urban divide compounds racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths, study finds

Racial Disparities Have Been Found in Screening for Postpartum Mood Disorders