Quasars Ensemble, founded in 2008 in Slovakia is a professional musical ensemble focusing on classical and contemporary music.

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Graduate student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor, Antony Hewish, built a radio telescope to observe quasars in 1967. Their discovery won the 1974 Nobel Prize – for Hewish. 50 years later, Burnell was awarded $3 Million in the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

Galaxy interactions are the dominant trigger for local type 2 quasars | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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It'll be interesting to see any follow ups, definitely an interesting thought. "Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars, the most powerful objects in the universe"

Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars – the brightest, most powerful objects in the Universe are ignited by galaxies colliding.

Igniting Unrivaled Brilliance: Astronomers Solve 60-Year Mystery of Quasars – The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe

Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars -- the most powerful objects in the Universe

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Astronomers discover rare pair of quasars about to merge into new galaxy | Astronomers used multiple telescopes to confirm the double quasars.