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Mindfulness-based intervention shows promise for PTSD in cardiac arrest survivors

Early-stage stem cell therapy trial shows promise for treating progressive MS

New Study: Ginger Supplementation Shows Promise in Autoimmune Disease Treatment

Nutrient found in beef and milk shows promise against several cancers

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“Life-Changing” – First-of-Its-Kind Hormone Replacement Treatment Shows Promise in Patient Trials

First-of-its kind hormone replacement treatment shows promise in patient trials

AI-driven earthquake forecasting shows promise in trials

Scientists develop 3D printing method that shows promise for repairing brain injuries

Live a Healthy Life for Longer – Hydrogen Sulfide Shows Promise as a Healthy Aging Therapeutic

Floatation-REST: Innovative Therapy for Anorexia Shows Promise

Engineered compound shows promise in preventing bone loss in space

New battery holds promise for green energy

The Next-Generation of Memory Technology – New Material Shows Promise