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Physical fitness was not one of the NASA requirements for astronauts landing on the moon. Astronauts had an initial thorough exam before they were accepted into the program but after that, physical fitness was up to the individual to maintain

Study finds program to prevent cerebral palsy in premature babies is effective

Just a friendly PSA that kerbal space program is free on the epic game store this week. Build rockets and figure out how to get to space!

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Mission update of the "real" ARTEMIS program (2008, formerly THEMIS) - Still orbiting at the Earth-Moon L1 & L2 points, returning scientific data

NASA Orion capsule to splashdown after trip around the moon | The return of the gumdrop-shaped capsule is happening 50 years to the day of its predecessor program Apollo making its final moon landing in 1972.

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A Ukrainian boy was catching sweets from the American planes during the Berlin Airlift. The planes inspired him to become airrspace engineer. Dr. Yarymovych became Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force, worked also for NASA on Apollo program and is credited with initiation of GPS

John McFall, who has become the first astronaut recruit with a disability, is a British doctor and former Paralympian who lost a leg in a motorbike accident. McFall has been selected by the European Space Agency for a special "parastronaut" program

The ESA aims to make 24/7 space-based solar energy harvesting a reality | Solaris program will study space-based solar power amid rising energy concerns

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