Pristina (UK: , US: ) is the capital and largest city of Kosovo.

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Microplastics are everywhere. What does that mean for our immune systems? Tiny particles of plastic turn up in our drinking water, blood and even regions of the Earth thought to be pristine—so it’s vital we learn what they’re doing to us.

Scientists discover pristine deep-sea coral reefs in the Galápagos Marine Reserve

In Alaska, ConocoPhillips Prepares for Willow Drilling Project

'Pristine' meteorite contaminated with table salt upon crash landing on Earth

Newfound ultra-faint dwarf galaxies are 'pristine fossils of the early universe'

Synthetic fibers discovered in Antarctic air, seawater, sediment and sea ice as the 'pristine' continent becomes a sink for plastic pollution

Meteorite that landed in English village last year is most pristine ever seen

Pristine meteorite found within hours of hitting Earth

The pristine Winchcombe meteorite suggests that Earth’s water came from asteroids

Biologists Marvel at Pristine Deep Coral Reef

These Asteroid Particles May Be Our Most 'Pristine' Sample of The Outer Solar System

Scientists Studying Asteroid Treasure Box Find Most Pristine Solar System Rocks Ever Studied

Shards of asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have been found in fossil site in North Dakota | At the time of impact, some of the shards landed in tree resin, which provided a protective enclosure of amber, keeping them almost as pristine as the day they formed

Pristine asteroid Ryugu contains amino acids that are building blocks of life

Peruvian gold rush turns pristine rainforests into heavily polluted mercury sinks

Illegal Gold Mining in Peruvian Amazon Turns Pristine Rainforests Into Heavily Polluted Mercury Sinks

Massive 'pristine' reef of giant rose-shaped corals discovered lurking unusually deep off the coast of Tahiti

A 'Pristine' Reef of Rose-Shaped Corals Was Just Found Off The Coast of Tahiti

Pristine groundwater seeps support native algae on Hawai‘i’s coasts

Pristine coral reef discovered in deep water off the coast of Tahiti