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Mystery Solved: The Cosmic Collision That Crafted Pluto’s Heart

Astrophysicists solve mystery of heart-shaped feature on the surface of Pluto

How Pluto got its heart - EurekAlert

How Did Pluto Get Its Heart? Scientists Suggest an Answer

How Pluto got its heart

2 Dwarf Planets Are Hiding Something Incredible Beyond Pluto’s Lonely Orbit

Under Pluto's Sunny Skies, You'd Have to Wear Shades

Cthulhu Regio on Pluto was officially (and quietly) renamed last year and I'm kinda angry about it

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft roars into the blue sky aboard an Atlas V rocket on 19 January 2006 The first spacecraft to explore Pluto, it's moons, and Kuiper Belt Objects up close.

There Could Be Alien, Mars-Sized Planets Lurking Beyond Pluto

When Pluto was stripped of its planetary status in 2006, the 93 year old widow of Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto, felt "shook up". Lowell Observatory Director preferred a rejected proposal that would have added three planets to the solar system instead of dropping Pluto

Deep into the Kuiper Belt, New Horizons is still doing science. Designed to study Pluto, the spacecraft’s instruments are being repurposed.

Pluto's 'almost twin' dwarf planet Eris is surprisingly squishy

Passing star could fling Earth out past Pluto into the Oort cloud

Dwarf planet Eris is 'squishier' than expected. Eris is about the size of Pluto but around 50% farther from the sun. The discovery of Eris in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune in 2005 prompted the debate that ultimately reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet.

After leading NASA’s mission to Pluto, Alan Stern flies to space himself

Ice-spewing supervolcano may have been found on Pluto

An Unusual Crater on Pluto Might be a Supervolcano

Far Beyond Pluto: NASA’s New Horizons To Continue Exploring Outer Solar System

Potential discovery of a dozen objects beyond Pluto could reveal a new section of the solar system we never knew about