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Vectorial Adaptive Optics: A New Horizon in Phase and Polarization Correction

Cybin Reports Positive Topline Data from Phase 2 Study of CYB003 in Major Depressive Disorder with 79% of Patients in Remission after Two 12mg Doses

Titan Dragonfly is Go!…. for Phase C

Findings from a phase 1 trial show that a single dose of an experimental therapy produced greater than 94% reductions in blood levels of lipoprotein(a), a key driver of heart disease risk, with the results lasting for nearly a year

Medical discovery for sepsis moves to next phase of human trials

The Arecibo Observatory's next phase as a STEM education center starts in 2024

A New Dawn for Alzheimer’s: Phase I Trial Targets Senescent Cells Safely

Phase I Clinical Trial Shows Treatment Designed to Clear Senescent Cells in Alzheimer’s Disease is Safe

Phase I clinical trial shows treatment designed to clear senescent cells in Alzheimer's disease is safe

New material offers more durable, sustainable multi-level non-volatile phase change memory