Patagonia, Inc.

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The 2023 Milky Way Photographer Of The Year: « From the remote deserts of Socotra, Madagascar, Atacama, and Namibia to the lost landscapes of Patagonia, Australia, and New Zealand, passing by spectacular glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and beaches along the way…always with the Milky Way. »

Relict Duck-Billed Dinosaur Unearthed in Chilean Patagonia

New fossils from Patagonia may rewrite the history of duck-billed dinosaurs

Why Is The FBI Sourcing Enzymes From Patagonia For Drug Detection?

Scientists unearth megaraptors, feathered dinosaur fossils in Chile's Patagonia

Unearthing Prehistoric Predators: Giant Megaraptors Among Diverse Dinosaurs in Patagonia

Paleontologists Uncover First Theropod Fossils in Chilean Patagonia

Fossils reveal dinosaurs of prehistoric Patagonia

Scientists have found the remains of four species of dinosaurs, including a megaraptor, in an inhospitable valley in Chilean Patagonia that has emerged over the past decade as an important fossil deposit, researchers said Wednesday

Satellites capture massive drainage of proglacial lake in remote Patagonia

Satellites capture massive drainage of proglacial lake in remote Patagonia

Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company to Fight Climate Change

Scientists say a shipwreck off Patagonia is a long-lost 1850s Rhode Island whaler

Exploring Earth From Space: Patagonia and the Falkland Islands

Patagonia's coast offers cool refuge for giant kelp

Patagonia Is Rapidly Rising Up in The Largest Glacial Adjustment Ever Recorded

Seismic study reveals key reason why Patagonia is rising as glaciers melt

Birds in Patagonia have a surprising taste for truffles

The 'One Who Causes Fear': Fierce New Dinosaur Predator Unearthed in Patagonia

Newly discovered T. rex lookalike with an unusual skull terrorized Patagonia 80 million years ago