Our Solar System

The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it.

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Our Solar System possibly survived a supernova because of how the Sun formed

Cosmic Shield: How Our Solar System Survived a Supernova

A 'captured' alien planet may be hiding at the edge of our solar system — and it's not 'Planet X'

A 'captured' alien planet may be hiding at the edge of our solar system — and it's not 'Planet X'

A 'Captured' Alien Planet May Be Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System

Our solar system could be hiding an extra planet the size of Uranus

Its Official: An Alien World In Our Solar System Has All The Right Ingredients For Life

Cool website that takes you through space exploring all the nearby stars and our solar system

Astronomers Find First Radiation Belt Outside Our Solar System – 10 Million Times Brighter Than Jupiter’s

Unprecedented Discovery: Astronomers Find First Radiation Belt Beyond Our Solar System

Join the Hunt: Astronomers Need Help Finding Asteroids Hurtling Through Our Solar System

Multiple Interstellar Objects Have Entered Our Solar System, Study Finds

Radiation belt seen beyond our solar system for the 1st time

Astronomers observe the first radiation belt seen outside of our solar system

Astronomers spot the biggest cosmic explosion ever seen, and it's 100 times the size of our solar system

Webb Looks for Fomalhaut’s Asteroid Belt and Finds Much More. Three glowing disks of dusty debris encircling a young star are reminiscent of our solar system’s asteroid belt.

Earth isn't the only planet with aurorae: Besides Mercury, every planet in our solar system (as well as a few moons) display some form of auroral activity. Astronomers have even found aurorae on a rogue exoplanet that wanders the Milky Way without a host star.

A tediously Accurate Map of our Solar System.

An Aspherical “Cow” – Weird Explosion the Size of Our Solar System Baffles Astronomers

Planets Beyond Our Solar System: What Do Exoplanets Look Like?