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ARPA-H launches program to bioprint organs on demand

The many uses of mini-organs. Scientists are using organoids to screen drug candidates, grow viruses, build biocomputers, and much, much more.

Scientists have used cells from fluid drawn during pregnancy to grow mini lungs and other organs

We now have a map of how pregnancy changes the way organs interact

Tufted ground squirrel: The Borneo rodent once believed to disembowel deer and feast on their organs

Stretchy electrodes shrink when wet to fit snugly around organs

Body Aging Breakthrough: Stanford Can Predict Which of Your Organs Will Fail First

Your Organs Might Be Aging at Different Rates

Predicting which of our organs will fail first

Not all organs age the same. ‘Older’ ones may predict your risk of disease

How bioelectricity could regrow limbs and organs

Anti-ageing drugs could make more organs viable for transplants

First device to monitor transplanted organs detects early signs of rejection

Scientists Cryopreserve and Revive Coral Fragments in a World First for Conservation. The new freezing technique could reinvigorate corals suffering from warming oceans—or even preserve human organs in the future.