In mathematics, an open set is a generalization of an open interval in the real line.

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MIT SoftZoo: Open-Source Platform Simulates Wildlife for Soft Robotics Designers

Pulsars and giant black holes open new doors in cosmic archaeology

Gravitational lensing has been used for the first time to detect and measure an inactive black hole. The door is now open to study the largest black holes in the universe. "Gravitational lensing events are rare, but are most prevalent in the most massive galaxies, that host the largest black holes."

Open-source software to speed up quantum research

‘Transformative’ journals get booted for switching to open access too slowly

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Djokovic Wins French Open—After Claiming ‘Nanotechnology’ TaoPatch On His Chest Boosts On-Court Performance

The Dark Triad (Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Machiavellians) use unique combinations of breakup strategies when ending romantic relationships, new study (N=722) finds. For instance, narcissists using open confrontation, whereas psychopaths use manipulation, cost escalation, and distant communication.

New research investigates how Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Machiavellians break up: For instance, psychopaths appear to use more manipulation, cost escalation, and distant communication. Narcissists used mainly open confrontation.

Biden Administration Announces Historic Open Access Policy for Taxpayer-Funded Research

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Remains of shredded star open new window on black hole feeding behavior

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