Human evolution is the evolutionary process within the history of primates that led to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species of the hominid family, which includes all the great apes.

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Oldest Known Neanderthal Engravings Were Sealed in a Cave for 57,000 Years.

Over 57,000 Years Old – Scientists Discover Oldest Known Neanderthal Cave Engravings

This Ancient Blob May Be The Oldest Phallic Depiction Ever Found

Ancient Structure Along River Nile Is Oldest Hydraulics System of Its Kind

World's Oldest Known Human Footprint Identified in South Africa

Oldest Signs of Human Ancestors' Trek to Australia Found in Laotian Cave

James Webb Space Telescope discovers oldest organic molecules in the known universe, 12 billion light-years from Earth

Oldest evidence of humans in Greece is 700,000 years old, a quarter of a million years older than previous record

China-led team finds first evidence of oldest stars in the universe

The Oldest Known Burial Site in The World Was Not Made by Our Species

World's oldest-known burial site found in S.Africa: scientists

107-Million-Year-Old Fossils are Oldest Pterosaur Material Ever Found in Australia

4,000-year-old plague DNA found -- the oldest cases to date in Britain

107-million-year-old pterosaur bones: Oldest in Australia

Study finds that 107-million-year-old pterosaur bones discovered more than 30 years ago are the oldest of their kind ever found in Australia.

Unearthing Prehistory: Australia’s Oldest Pterosaur Bones Date Back 107 Million Years

Oldest traces of a dysentery-causing parasite were found in ancient toilets

The Oldest Recorded Kiss Happened 4,500 Years Ago, Scientists Say. “In the earliest texts in the Sumerian language, kissing was described in relation to erotic acts,” according to researchers.

Stone Engravings of Mysterious Ancient Megastructures May Be World's Oldest 'Blueprints'

New research hints that comb jelly may be Earth's oldest animal