Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR), sometimes referred to unofficially as High Speed 3, is a proposed major rail programme designed to substantially enhance the economic potential of the North of England.

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FDA approves the first pill specifically for postpartum depression : NPR

A statewide survey of California's bumblebees hopes to help conserve them β€” NPR's Ailsa Chang searches coastal California for wild bumblebees with conservation biologist Leif Richardson, one of the leaders of the California Bumble Bee Atlas.

NPR-8: The Protein That Could Extend Human Lifespan in a Warming World

NPR's 1A radio show had "Ask An Astronaut" where they interviewed NASA astronauts Eileen Collins and Terry Virts.

NPR: In virtually every case, ChatGPT failed to accurately reproduce even the most basic equations of rocketry β€” Its written descriptions of some equations also contained errors. And it wasn't the only AI program to flunk the assignment

How the James Webb Space Telescope transformed astronomy this year - NPR

A new planet 100 light-years away could be suitable for life : NPR

Alien tech could be in the ocean, an astronomer thinks. Many dismiss the idea : NPR

A Lyme disease vaccine is in its final clinical trial : NPR

To one retired commander, the ISS was the last bond between the U.S. and Russia : NPR

Director of James Webb telescope program is a HBCU grad and sharecroppers' son : NPR

This 830-million-year-old crystal might contain life. And we're about to open it : NPR

A joint Europe-Russia mission to Mars is likely to be delayed : NPR

Study finds Western megadrought is the worst in 1,200 years : NPR

Babies infer that people are close if they're willing to share saliva : NPR

My friend was on NPR discussing JWST! β€œThe launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is almost here. What will we discover?”

Southeast Asians are underrepresented in STEM, but still boxed out : NPR

Scientists uncover clues about Rembrandt, Rubens paintings through lead analysis : NPR

No Kind Way Of Putting This: Florida's COVID Death Rate Is FAR Worse Than The NPR Analysis Makes It Out To Be. As In, 15x Worse. Seriously.

Science reveals Marvel plot hole: Thanos couldn't have snapped with a glove : NPR