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SpaceX launches another batch of Starlink satellites from Florida (video)

Canadian Space Agency will announce new astronaut assignments today (Nov. 22). Here's how to watch it live.

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Watch SpaceX launch its 29th cargo mission to the International Space Station tonight

See bright Venus and the crescent moon light up the early morning sky on Nov. 9

NASA+ streaming service launches with all-new original series on Nov. 8 (video)

Dark matter-hunting Euclid mission shares its 1st full-color images of the universe today

SpaceX, NASA delay CRS-29 cargo launch again, to Nov. 9

Virgin Galactic set to launch Galactic 05 mission with research duo today (Nov. 2)

'Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures' will return with all-new adventures on Nov. 8

Watch 2 NASA astronauts conduct 4th-ever all-female spacewalk today

NASA's Lucy probe will fly by asteroid 'Dinkinesh' on Nov. 1. Here's what to expect

Meet the crew of Virgin Galactic's 5th commercial spaceflight launching on Nov. 2

1st public exhibit of OSIRIS-Rex asteroid sample to open Nov. 3 at Smithsonian

NASA's Lucy probe will fly by a 'dinky' asteroid on Nov. 1. Here's what to expect (video)