North is one of the four compass points or cardinal directions. It is the opposite of south and is perpendicular to east and west. North is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography.

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‘This is the biggest North Cascade glacier to completely disappear.’ — The ancient Hinman Glacier, in the Alpine Lake Wilderness of Washington state, has melted away

Mars passes behind the Moon tonight for U.S. and Central American observers located south of about 37° north latitude. For those farther north, the Moon passes about 0.1° below the Red Planet.

Easily Find The Bright Comet Next To The North Star This Weekend Using An Ancient Trick

Agriculture linked to changes in age-independent mortality in North America

The Death Of Night: Light Pollution In North America Is Now Spiking By 10% Every Year, Says Landmark Study

Ancient humans and their early depictions of the universe: “It is no exaggeration to say that astronomy has existed as an exact science for more than five millennia,” writes the late science historian John North.

4-year-old North Atlantic right whale—of one of the world's rarest species—is "likely to die" after becoming heavily entangled with fishing line

Ancient Siberian genomes reveal genetic backflow from North America across the Bering Sea

Extreme 'Rogue Wave' in The North Pacific Confirmed as Most Extreme on Record

Weather Whiplash - The configuration of the polar vortex may have played a role in unleashing bitter cold followed by record warmth in North America

Floodwater Inundates North-Central California: Heavy Rain and Levee Breaches Triggers Flooding

Massive Implications: New Evidence Calls Into Question Timing of Human Arrival in North America

Webb Focuses on North Ecliptic Pole

Webb Space Telescope Captures North Ecliptic Pole – Studded With Galactic Diamonds

North Korea launches test flight for planned 2023 spy satellite

US Space Force establishes first foreign command in South Korea as threat from North grows

Webb Glimpses Field of Extragalactic PEARLS, Studded With Galactic Diamonds. James Webb Space Telescope has captured one of the first medium-deep wide-field images of a region of sky known as the North Ecliptic Pole.

U.S. forces launch space unit in South Korea amid North's growing threats

Megadrought: How the current Southwestern North American megadrought is affecting Earth's upper atmosphere

Stunning Satellite Image: Lava Flows North on Mauna Loa