New Zealand

HMS New Zealand was one of three Indefatigable-class battlecruisers.

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Thousands of Eels Found Dead in New Zealand, And It's Not The First Time

Major geomagnetic storm lights up parts of New Zealand.

Fossil Hunter Discovers Gigantic Crab in New Zealand—a New, Extinct Species

100 New Marine Species Discovered Off Coast of New Zealand

Fossils of Giant Crab Unearthed in New Zealand

New Zealand scraps science reform plan, prompting fears of budget cuts

Major 'magnetic anomaly' discovered deep below New Zealand's Lake Rotorua

New Zealand Officially Recognizes Lobsters, Octopuses, and Crabs as Sentient Beings

Space race puts pressure on New Zealand Defence Force.

Kiwi Eggs Hatch in the Wild Near New Zealand’s Capital

New black hole discovered in New Zealand toilet

3.6-Million-Year-Old Moa Footprints Found in New Zealand

Massive Undersea Water Reservoir Discovered – Could Explain New Zealand’s Mysterious Earthquakes

Discovery of massive undersea water reservoir could explain New Zealand's mysterious slow earthquakes

Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild

40th Rocket Lab Electron Mission, “We Love The Nightlife”, Launches From New Zealand with Reused Engine

A flightless parrot is returning to mainland New Zealand after a 40-year absence

How larger body sizes helped the colonizers of New Zealand

The 2023 Milky Way Photographer Of The Year: « From the remote deserts of Socotra, Madagascar, Atacama, and Namibia to the lost landscapes of Patagonia, Australia, and New Zealand, passing by spectacular glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and beaches along the way…always with the Milky Way. »

A study found alcohol to be the most harmful drug in New Zealand