A new model sheds light on how we learn motor skills

New model helps identify mutations that drive cancer

New model offers physics-inspired rankings evaluation

New model finds best sites for electric vehicle charging stations

Spines of life: Fast-breeding sea urchin provides new model for genetic research

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New model for antibacterial mechanism

Plant Protein Kills Bacterial Cells – New Model for Antibacterial Mechanism Could Result in New Antibiotics

A new model (self-validation theory) suggests thoughts become more consequential for behavior when their validity is increased, even if this occurs due to factors unrelated to the content of the thought (e.g., smiling and nodding one's head when contemplating the thought).

Breakthrough Discovery of New Model for “Global” DNA Repair

New Model Suggests That Europa Has an Oxygen-Rich Ocean Very Similar to Earth

Researchers discover new model for 'global' DNA repair

A new model of power aversion indicates people avoid power if they fear responsibility and the possibility of causing harm or if they believe power is inherently negatively and will change their personality for the worse (e.g., make them cold, selfish, immoral).

New model may improve San Francisco Bay Area, U.S., seismic hazard maps

New model to investigate fibrosis treatments without use of animals

Replacing animal agriculture and shifting to a plant-based diet could drastically curb greenhouse gas emissions, according to new model

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