Neil Armstrong

RV Neil Armstrong (AGOR-27) is the designation for a new oceanographic research ship, first of the Neil Armstrong-class research vessels, to be owned by the United States Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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Neil Armstrong had rejected numerous proposals to have an author write his biography until he finally accepted a proposal from James Hansen, a history professor. He eventually recorded more than 50 hours of interviews with Armstrong, who did not demand approval rights for "First Man"

Neil Armstrong and Nobel physicist Richard Feynman led the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Feynman was annoyed at being called by NASA and fighting cancer but his wife urged him to join the commission

Neil Armstrong told his two sons that he was confident in the spacecraft, but he thought there was only about 50-50 chance of landing on the moon. However, it didn’t mean that he thought there was a 50-50 chance of them coming back

Neil Armstrong completed almost all required coursework towards a master's degree when he joined NASA in early 1960s. A semester short, he returned to USC after his moon landing in 1970 to give a one-hour seminar on the technical aspects of landing Apollo's lunar module to receive his Masters

"First Man" screenwriter Josh Singer interviewed Neil Armstrong's wife Janet, who died two months before the release of the 2018 movie. Janet's anger at the time was real, as seen in her outburst to NASA men, "You're just a bunch of boys making models out of balsa wood!"

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55 Years Ago: Astronaut Neil Armstrong Survives LLRV Crash

Neil Armstrong Master's Presentation at USC. Armstrong received his Masters in January 1970 after landing on the moon

Neil Armstrong knew about the possibility of Nixon phoning them on the Moon but nobody told Buzz and he was completely caught off guard. Both men felt stunned by the President's unexpected phone call and Buzz didn't prepare any profound statement so he let Neil do the talking

In 2011, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, first and last men on the Moon, advocated for Space Shuttles to be put back in service. Armstrong supported NASA's proposed Space Launch System, which the agency said could one day take man to Mars

Artemis-1: Orion flies above Tranquility base where Neil Armstrong first walked on Moon

Large historic pen sketch drawn and signed by Neil Armstrong will be in University Archives' Sept. 28 auction

Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon during Apollo 11 exactly 53 years ago today. A year later, Armstrong was still required to give an oral thesis defense for his master’s in aeronautical engineering at USC. He passed.

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Neil Armstrong while in the USSR collected a handful of soil from outside a Ukrainian man's house in Siberia to acknowledge that man's contribution to Apollo-11 Moon Mission

As a boy, Neil Armstrong worked at the local pharmacy for 40 cents/ hour in order to pay for $9/hr flight lessons, taking him about 22 to 23 hours of work for each lesson. Teenage Neil also witnessed the crash of a young pilot, who died in Neil's arms after he lifted him out of a cockpit

After Neil Armstrong's death, his sons put hundreds of items they inherited from their parents on auction, pulling in $14.69 million. Neil Armstrong owned pieces of fabric from Wright Flyer, and Apollo 11 gold medal that sold for $2.04 million

Neil Armstrong was given the option to replace Buzz Aldrin with Jim Lovell because NASA was aware that "Aldrin's personality grated on several of the other astronauts". Armstrong kept Aldrin and felt Lovell deserved to command his own moon mission, the ill-fated Apollo 13

Pinch of moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong during Apollo 11 mission bought for $500,000

Moon Dust Collected By Neil Armstrong On Apollo 11 Heads To Auction – After NASA Lost Legal Battle To Keep It