Nearby Galaxy

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Scientists find pair of black holes dining together in nearby galaxy merger

Neutrinos from a Nearby Galaxy Reveal Black Hole Secrets

Hubble spots a nearby galaxy that looks like it belongs in the distant, early universe.

Earth has been hit by an ‘unusual, intense blast of energy’ from a nearby galaxy

A new Hubble Image Reveals a Shredded Star in a Nearby Galaxy

Ghostly neutrino particles are blasting out of a nearby galaxy, and scientists aren't sure why

Hubble Caught The Gasps of a Dying Star Echoing Through a Nearby Galaxy

New ultraluminous X-ray source detected in nearby galaxy NGC 55

Look! Webb Telescope captures 5 different, dazzling views of a nearby galaxy

Unprecedented Number of Globular Clusters Discovered in Nearby Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope spots star cluster glittering in a nearby galaxy (photo)

If you had Radio Telescopes for Eyes, one of the Biggest Things in the sky Would be a jet of Material Blasting out of a Nearby Galaxy

In a nearby galaxy, a supermassive black hole spews spectacular jets of material into space well beyond the galaxy’s limits.

Telescope that obtained the first image of a black hole, captures the heart of a nearby galaxy

Astronomers have detected 15 new periodic and non-periodic variables in a nearby galaxy known as NGC 247. The finding could improve our knowledge regarding stellar populations of this galaxy.

Astronomers Observe Nearby Galaxy with Two Bright Cores

NASA Spacecraft Unmask High-Energy Blast That Swept Through the Solar System – Magnetar Eruption in Nearby Galaxy

Spacecraft Detect Giant Flare in Nearby Galaxy