Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a bay of the Pacific Ocean located on the coast of the U.S. state of California, south of the San Francisco Bay Area and its major city at the south of the bay, San Jose. San Francisco itself is further north along the coast, by about 75 miles, accessible via Highway 1 and Highway 280. Santa Cruz is located at the north end of the bay, and Monterey is on the Monterey Peninsula at the south end. The "Monterey Bay Area" is a local colloquialism sometimes used to describe the whole of the Central Coast communities of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

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Plastic-Filled Seabirds And Fish Found In Monterey Bay

‘Unusual’ deep-sea jellyfish discovered off California coast — The Atolla reynoldsi is one of three formally identified new specimens of Atolla jellyfish floating in the depths of Monterey Bay

‘It’s just gorgeous’: rare deep-sea dragonfish spotted off California coast — The torpedo-shaped, bronze-hued fish has been seen only four times in nearly thirty years of deep-sea research. “We spotted this individual just outside of Monterey Bay at a depth of about 300 meters.”

Monterey Bay Aquarium Showcases Rare Denizens Of The Deep Sea In New Exhibit

New study from Monterey Bay Aquarium puts disparities of climate change on the map

Santa Cruz is seeing more great white sharks. — The young great whites, in another worrisome consequence of climate change, have found that the warming waters of the Monterey Bay have become suitable nursing grounds because of the temperature.