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Two lawsuits have been filed against Japanese start-up ispace, which saw its Hakuto-R lander crash last April. High-ranking Japanese employees are accused of planning to orchestrate the dismissal of non Japanese employees through false accusations, and withholding millions in unpaid stock options.

Virus That Infected the First Animals Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago Is Essential for Embryo Development

A Euclid Milestone! The data pipeline to deal with millions of images and 30 PB of data is ready

Air Pollution Threatens Millions of Lives. Now the Sources Are Shifting

Radical New Time Crystal Revealed That Lasts Millions of Times Longer

Video Games Could Put Millions at Risk of Permanent Hearing Loss

New Game-Changing Sound-Powered Sensors Could Save Millions of Batteries

Sound-powered sensors stand to save millions of batteries

New Research: Phasing Out Fossil Fuels Could Save Millions of Lives

Just One Molecule Allows Us to See Millions More Colors Than Our Pets

Early Mars Climate was Complex, with Streams Flowing Intermittently for Millions of Years

Water may have flowed intermittently in Martian valleys for hundreds of millions of years. Using impact craters as a dating tool, researchers determined maximum timescales for formation of Martian valley networks shaped by running water - which has big implications for early Mars' habitability.

The Income Gap Jeopardizing Retirement for Millions

These 12 'living fossils' have barely evolved for millions of years

Scientists Have Determined the Cause of Lethal Climate Change That Occurred Millions of Years Ago

Affecting Millions: Human Insulin Less Temperature-Sensitive Than Previously Thought

A Vast Realm Off The Coast of Australia May Have Been Populated by Millions

Millions of mysterious pits in the ocean decoded

Millions of Satellites Could Have a Profound Effect on the Earth’s Ionosphere

AI trained on millions of life stories can predict risk of early death