Mental Illness

A mental disorder, also referred to as a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning.

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New Research Links Smoking to Greatly Increased Risk of Mental Illness

Brain imaging identifies biomarkers of mental illness

A meta-analysis finds that in victims of childhood trauma and adversity, "subjective" experience (perceptions, memories) is more predictive of mental illness than "objective" measures like child protection and crime records or reports from multiple informants.

Hidden Signals Can Reveal Mental Illness More Clearly Than a Brain Scan

Changing the Narrative: Mental Illness and Gun Violence

Vitamin D Supplements Probably Won't Prevent Mental Illness After All

High Risk of Negative Health Consequences: Smokers With Mental Illness Consume the Most Caffeine

study shows that parents raising children with serious mental illness and violent tendencies experience and express grief similar to those of children who have died, which informs how practitioners can help these caregivers cope with the stress

Effects of exercise on cognitive functioning in adults with serious mental illness: a meta analytic review finds that exercise shows large effects on reasoning and problem solving; small effects on executive functioning.

New research reveals risk factors for childhood abuse, both at the relationship and caretaker level. These include, among others: parenting stress, low empathy, low self-esteem, impulsiveness, loneliness, mental illness, limited knowledge of child development, and low family cohesion.

Columbia Mass Murder Database Reveals Mass School Shootings Are Not Caused by Mental Illness

Mass school shootings are not caused by mental illness, study finds

Covid Increases Risk Of Mental Illness And Brain Disease Up To Two Years After Infection, Study Suggests

Be Consistent: Unpredictability Increases Your Child’s Risk of Developing Mental Illness

Some Types of Stress Could Improve Brain Functioning and Reduce Risk of Mental Illness

The Blurred Line Between Lyme Disease and Mental Illness

Amber Heard and Britney Spears Highlight the Stigma of Women's Mental Illness

Multiple diagnoses are the norm for mental illness; A new genetic analysis helps explain why

Mental illness plays havoc with the mind as well as the heart

Mental Illness Linked With Increased Death From Cardiovascular Disease