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Physicists have worked out how to melt any material

Neutron Stars are Jetting Material Away at 40% the Speed of Light

Korean Scientists Develop Novel “Bone Bandage” Material for Cracked Bones

Strange New Kind of Magnetism Found Lurking In Material Just Six Atoms Thick

Researcher accidentally discovers material that’s stronger and cheaper than concrete

Mysterious black hole jets may be the source of powerful cosmic rays

Columbia Unveils Quantum Marvel: Material With Electrons 1000x Heavier

'What is that material?': Potentially hazardous asteroid Bennu stumps scientists with its odd makeup

Material made of carbon and nitrogen is nearly as hard as diamond

Researchers engineer a material that can perform different tasks depending on temperature

Taming computers’ energy consumption with a new “spin glass” material

Vacuum in optical cavity can change material's magnetic state without laser excitation

Protostars Can Siphon Material from Far Away

Groundbreaking study shows defects spreading through diamond faster than the speed of sound. Defects can make a material stronger or fail catastrophically. Knowing how fast they travel can help researchers understand things like earthquake ruptures, structural failures and precision manufacturing.

A Star Threw Off a Sun’s Worth of Material. And Then it Exploded!

Material would allow users to 'tune' windows to block targeted wavelengths of light

Magnet Magic: How AI Is Revolutionizing Material Discovery

New material offers more durable, sustainable multi-level non-volatile phase change memory

‘Engineered Living Material’ Offers New Way to Clean Contaminated Water

3D-printed 'living material' could clean up contaminated water