Mass Extinction

An extinction event (also known as a mass extinction or biotic crisis) is a widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth.

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Had a volcano-driven mass extinction not occurred at the end of the Triassic 201 million years ago, we likely would have had something closer to an Age of Crocodiles than the Age of Dinosaurs that actually followed. Dinosaurs were volutionary copycats of these long-lost look-alikes.

Tree Roots May Have Set Off a Mass Extinction

Oldest ichthyosaur fossil hints they evolved before mass extinction

UV Radiation Contributed to Earth’s Biggest Mass Extinction

Sea life recovered from Permian mass extinction faster than we thought

In the wake of history’s deadliest mass extinction, ocean life may have flourished

Mass Extinction Traced to Ozone Depletion: Fossil Pollen “Sunscreen” Evidence Emerges

UV radiation pulse played a role in a mass extinction event, fossilized pollen reveals

Ozone Layer Collapse Contributed to End-Permian Mass Extinction

Research has uncovered that pollen preserved in 250 million year old rocks contain compounds that function like sunscreen, these are produced by plants to protect them from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV_B). The findings suggests that UV-B played a part in the end Permian mass extinction event

New discovery of sunscreen-like chemicals in fossil plants reveals UV radiation played a part in mass extinction events

Strange New Discovery Reveals UV Radiation Played a Part in Mass Extinction Events

The ozone layer was destroyed during Earth's biggest mass extinction

A Mass Extinction Is Taking Place in the Human Gut

550 Million Years Ago – Researchers Shine New Light on Earth’s First Known Mass Extinction Event

Scientists Uncover New Information Regarding an Ancient Mass Extinction Event

Monstrous 'gorgons' survived a mass extinction, but they were a 'dead clade walking'

A Martian megatsunami may have been caused by an asteroid collision similar to the Chicxulub impact – which contributed to the mass extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs on Earth 66 million years ago – in a shallow ocean region

Earth Might Be Experiencing 7th Mass Extinction, Not 6th – “A True Decrease in the Abundance of Organisms”