Mars Society

The Mars Society is a nonprofit organization that advocates for human Mars exploration and colonization, founded by Robert Zubrin in 1998. It is based on Zubrin's Mars Direct plan, which aims to make human mission to Mars as lightweight and feasible as possible. The Mars Society aims to garner support for the Mars program by lobby the United States and other governments. Since its founding, the Mars Society has hosted its annual International Mars Society Convention and operated Mars analog habitats, named the Mars Desert Research Station and the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station. The organization also hosts university robotics competitions, named the University Rover Challenge and the European Rover Challenge. Many Mars Society members and former members are influential in the wider spaceflight community, such as Buzz Aldrin and Elon Musk.

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Building the Future on Mars (at MDRS)! The Mars Society is pleased to announce a number of opportunities to participate as part of the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Mission Support and/or Management Teams.

Volunteers Wanted for Expedition to Reactivate Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station - The Mars Society

SPACE NOMADS Why Mongolians are destined to go to Mars. By Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society

Mars Society 25th Annual Convention a Great Success

Mongolian MarsV Delegation to Address Mars Society Convention Banquet

Join the 2022 Mars Society Convention online this week for the latest Red Planet ideas

Large NASA-JPL Presence at 2022 Mars Society Convention n at Arizona State University in Tempe October 20-23

2022 Mars Society Convention - Virtual Attendee Instructions - The Mars Society

As part of its 2022 International Mars Society Convention format, the Mars Society is holding a free public panel discussion about 'The Search for Life on Mars' with Dr. Steve Benner, Dr. Jim Bell, Dr. Robert Zubrin & Jan Spacek Thursday, October 20, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM MST

China's Jingnan Guo to Talk Space Radiation & Chinese Space Program at Mars Society Convention

NASA Deputy Admin. Pamela Melroy to Address 2022 International Mars Society Convention at Arizona State University on Friday, October 21st (11:00 am local time).

A new way to teach science We can reverse the conventional relationship of students to scientific knowledge. (op-ed) by Dr. Robert Zubrin, Mars Society President September 8, 2022

Space Exploration Conference in Montreal, Canada November 19-20 sponsored by Space Concordia & Mars Society of Canada

Mars Society Invited to Participate in 2022 Star Trek Convention

SpaceX’s Starlink Communications s System Now Used by Crews at Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MSDS) in Utah

Register for the Mars Society's virtual summer high school program - Mission to Mars: Design Class & Competition! The registration deadline for applying is Wednesday, June 15th, 5:00 pm MT.

The 25th Annual International Mars Society Convention in-person public convention, to be held Thursday-Sunday, October 20-23, 2022 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

Mars Society Peru & Spain Chapters Experiment to be Flown to Chinese Space Station

Mars Society Announces Telerobotic Mars Expedition Design Competition

Live this week: Watch the 2021 International Mars Society Convention online