Lunar Base

In lunar calendars, a lunar month is the time between two successive syzygies of the same type: new moons or full moons.

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The British Space Agency commissioned Rolls-Royce to develop a nuclear reactor to power future astronauts on the lunar base. Minireactors will help avoid dependence on solar energy, which is less available, particularly on the Moon

China Hints at Its Goals for a Lunar Base

China ‘Colonizes’ Space with Its First Rice Harvest. The cultivation of food in orbit is part of a larger push by the Chinese space program toward a lunar base.

Bouncy Castles on the Moon. Inflated Habitats Might be the Best Way to Get Started on a Lunar Base

To get artificial gravity on the moon, you'd need a giant rotating lunar base

To get Artificial Gravity on the Moon, you'd Need a Giant Rotating Lunar Base

China has a new Human Lunar Space Program, With Plans for Landers, Orbiters, Rovers, and a Lunar Base

Engineers Design an Electrical Microgrid for a Lunar Base

Powering the moon: Designing a microgrid for future lunar base

Russia to discuss lunar base with China

Japan seeks a new generation of astronauts for moon mission | Japan's space agency is looking to recruit people from a wide variety of backgrounds as part of an ambitious international mission to the moon that aims to build a lunar base camp.

New Idea: Use the Starship HLS to Create a Lunar Base!

Roscosmos Eyes Crewed Flights from French Guiana, Seeks Partners for Lunar Base with China

With mankind aiming to establish a lunar base in the next two decades, researchers have looked at how we could build critical structures on the Moon’s surface, suggesting solar energy and cast regolith as the most viable option

How do you get Power into Your Lunar Base? With a Tower of Concrete Several Kilometers High