Low Earth Orbit

A near-Earth object (NEO) is any small Solar System body whose orbit brings it into proximity with Earth.

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China launches test satellite to very low Earth orbit (video)

Boeing's Starliner is a 'big piece of America's overall strategy for access to low Earth orbit,' astronaut says

The Benefits of Semiconductor Manufacturing in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for Terrestrial Use

Eric Berger: NASA says it is working with SpaceX on potentially turning Starship into a space station. "This architecture includes Starship as a transportation and in-space low-Earth orbit destination..."

VAST chooses SpaceX to launch their Vast-1 and Haven-1 missions to Low Earth Orbit. Haven-1 is scheduled to be the world’s first commercial space station and will be visited by a crew of four aboard a Dragon spacecraft during Vast-1.

Rivada Space Networks Signs Manufacturing Contract For Unique Data Connectivity Satellite Constellations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Interesting Webinar today(2/22) at 12:00pm EST. The International Space Station (ISS) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) can serve as accessible, unique environments to study human development in microgravity. In webinar can learn how stem cell biomanufacturing in LEO is being explored.

Improving the performance of satellites in low Earth orbit

Mysterious Russian satellites are now breaking apart in low-Earth orbit | "This suggests to me that perhaps these events are the result of a design error."

SpaceX launches 49 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit

Last year marked the end of an era in spaceflight—here’s what we’re watching next: Will Artemis happen? Can Starship actually work? Will humans destroy low-Earth orbit?

Newly Launched Solar Sail Poised to Unfurl in Low Earth Orbit

SpaceX/Starlink gains license to operate Low Earth Orbit satellite services in Haiti; "Game Changer in Haiti to Enhance Access to the Rural & Underserved Communities"

AST SpaceMobile deploys BlueWalker 3 test satellite antenna, the "largest-ever commercial communications array in low Earth orbit"

AST SpaceMobile Deploys Largest-Ever Commercial Communications Array in Low Earth Orbit

A Spent Chinese Rocket Just Mysteriously Broke Apart In Low-Earth Orbit

Should Low Earth Orbit be a protected environmental ecosystem?

US satellites in low Earth orbit to be deorbited in 5 years: report

Sierra Space Partners with Turkish Space Agency and ESEN Sistem Entegrasyon on Low-Earth Orbit, Lunar and Astronaut Programs

The European Space Agency just did a group picture taken from low earth orbit