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Webb Space Telescope Captures a Staggering Quasar-Galaxy Merger Billions of Light Years Away

‘Once in a lifetime event’: rare chance to see explosion on dwarf star 3,000 light years away | Astronomy | The Guardian

Modified gravity theory: A million light years and still going

A million light years and still going - EurekAlert

NASA discovers potentially habitable exoplanet 40 light years from Earth

Scientists have discovered an Earth-sized, potentially habitable planet just 40 light years away. Named TRAPPIST-1e, is located in TRAPPIST-1 system and has conditions that might support liquid water and life. The discovery fuels our curiosity and hopes about the possibility of life beyond Earth.

Potentially habitable planet size of Earth discovered 40 light years away

Earth-like exoplanet found just 40 light years away – the closest yet

Earth-sized planet spotted orbiting small star with 100 times sun’s lifespan | Speculoos-3b, 55 light years away, is only second planetary system to be found around an ultra-cool red dwarf

The Milky Way’s Most Massive Stellar Black Hole is Only 2,000 Light Years Away

Swiss space telescope observes exoplanet ‘rainbow’ | The Swiss space telescope CHEOPS has found a type of rainbow on a planet 637 light years away. The observation of a so-called “glory” is likely the first evidence of this phenomenon outside our solar system.

Could Aliens 65 Million Light Years Away See Dinosaurs on Earth?

A planetary system 100 light years away is so stable that the planets' orbits have changed little in a billion years

Six planets found orbiting a bright star 100 light years away

Cosmic Forges: Exploring a Heavy-Metal Factory 900 Million Light Years Away

Using the Hubble, researchers determined an exoplanet 22 light years away is roughly the same size and has the same gravity as Earth

33 Billion Light Years Away: Webb Space Telescope Finds Galaxies That Challenge Astronomical Theories

Light Years Ahead: NIST’s 400,000-Pixel Superconducting Camera Breakthrough

Astronomers have captured the first direct evidence of a black hole spinning. Scientists have predicted this, but until now direct evidence was elusive. M87 is located 55m light years from the Earth and harbours a black hole 6.5bn times more massive than the Sun.

Vast ‘Galaxy Bubble’ A Billion Light Years Wide Discovered By Accident