NASA is working with SpaceX to study the potential of a private mission docking with the Hubble telescope, to extend its lifetime

This Fall: ‘Fireballs’ From Halley’s Comet, Once-In-A-Lifetime Planet Views And The Best ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse Until 2029

New research (N = 5,114) finds a significant association between individual feeling not wanted/loved by their parent prior to age 18 and lifetime depression.

New research: Compared with 24.1% of participants without a history of psychopathology, 9.8% of participants with a lifetime history of psychopathology met optimal well-being (OWB). Adults with a history of substance use disorders (10.2%) and depression (7.1%) were the most likely to report OWB.

JWST has taken its first image of an exoplanet! The world, HIP 65426 b, is a "super Jupiter" nearly 400 light-years away. This is a huge milestone, and just the first of maybe hundreds of planets the telescope is expected to see in its lifetime.

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