L.E.O. is an Electric Light Orchestra-style music project of a number of musicians. Spawned by an onstage cover of ELO's "Telephone Line" by lead singer-songwriter Bleu and Mike Viola, it quickly produced an entire album of original songs similar in style to 1970s AM radio pop music.

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FCC to set five-year deadline for deorbiting LEO satellites

The Space Review: A review of Chinese counterspace activities "China has the ability to conduct radiofrequency (RF) jamming from mobile platforms against communication satellites in LEO, and laser dazzlers against satellite targets"

See Mercury shine close to Leo's brightest star Regulus tonight

OneWeb to battle Starlink for LEO satellite dominance in Brazil

China aims for space-based solar power test in LEO in 2028, GEO in 2030.

Cosmic 'angel wings' emerge from violent galactic collision in Leo constellation

New era in LEO begins as today we at NASA announced Commercial Free Flier awards to three companies.

NASA awards three companies with over $400 million in contracts to develop private space stations, under the Commercial LEO Destinations (CLD) project

Dwarf Galaxy Leo I Hosts Strangely Massive Black Hole, Astronomers Say

DoD eager to leverage LEO broadband constellations

NASA wants to fly the obsolete Space Launch System for at least 30 years. The alternate scenario, the Starship takes a crew of astronauts from LEO to the moon directly, with no need for the Orion/SLS system.

NASA is evaluating "about a dozen" private space station proposals under the Commercial LEO Destinations programs, and expects to save over $1 billion annually after the ISS retires

How to find the constellations of Leo and Virgo in the night sky

Eutelsat buys a quarter of OneWeb to get a LEO broadband growth engine - SpaceNews