Marshal Law is an English-language superhero comic book series created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill.Marshal Law was first published by Epic Comics in 1987.

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A Moore’s Law for space

Chinese astronauts have been banned from going to the International Space Station since 2011 when Congress passed a law prohibiting official American contact with the Chinese space program

In 2031, the ISS will be de-orbited in a fiery inferno. After the ISS retires, the only station orbiting Earth will be China’s Tiangong — but NASA is barred from working with China or visiting the station under US law. NASA has been rapidly funding private companies to try to close the gap in time.

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International and Space Law Resources

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Mistranslation of Newton's First Law Discovered after Nearly 300 Years

Astrophysicist Jonathan Lane was the first to demonstrate with math that the Sun is a body of gas, in his 1870 book "On the Theoretical Temperature of the Sun". Lane’s law states that as a gaseous body contracts, the contraction generates heat

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