A grenade launcher is a weapon that fires a specially designed, large-caliber projectile, often with an explosive, smoke, or gas warhead.

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Virgin Orbit sells assets in bankruptcy auction to Rocket Lab, Stratolaunch and Vast’s Launcher

A front-runner emerges in the European small launcher race

NASA reveals its moon spacecraft was damaged as it plummeted to Earth. Those issues include significant damage to the mobile launcher — the Space Launch System rocket's platform — and the Orion spacecraft's protective heat shield.

Vast acquires Launcher in quest to build artificial gravity space stations

1st private Launcher space tug fails after launching on SpaceX rocket

1st orbital rocket launch by ABL Space Systems fails

This Asteroid Launcher simulator lets you destroy your hometown — or anywhere else

ESA's Vega-C launcher has suffered a failure in its first commercial flight

Iran has ‘tested satellite launcher successfully’ amid rising hostility with US

Iran successfully tests satellite launcher

China’s Out-of-Control Rocket Booster Falls in the Pacific For the fourth time, the country’s space program used a 23-ton launcher that made an uncontrolled re-entry back to Earth.

Smallsat launcher ABL Space Systems gearing up for its 1st-ever liftoff

The Tethered Ring space launcher design was revealed at the recent International Space Development conference. This launcher can be built with existing materials technology, and would allow payloads to be sent to space for 1/100 the cost of rockets.

Teams Preparing to Lift the Mobile Launcher with SLS

ISRO’s new SSLV small satellite launcher set to make its debut -

China could shift to fully reusable super heavy-launcher in wake of Starship

NASA’s second mobile launcher is too heavy, years late, and pushing $1 billion

Launcher wins Space Force contract to support engine development. "The highest-performing liquid oxygen and kerosene rocket engine combustion chamber in the U.S."

Arianespace discusses Ariane 5 fly-out requirements, launcher’s legacy to Ariane 6 and beyond

Design flaw blamed for failed debut of South Korea's new satellite launcher