Late Registration is the second studio album by American rapper and producer Kanye West.

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W Herschel used a 10 foot telescope to study the Sun in 1801 and hypothesized that the sun was a solid Earth-like sphere with atmosphere. 60 years later, J Herschel noted that patterns on the solar surface could be igneous snowflakes, giant fish swimming in the photosphere, or monsters

Treating childhood ADHD with stimulant meds not associated with increased substance use later in life, study finds

If humans went extinct, what would the Earth look like one year later?

Adolescent Alcohol Dependency Linked With Later Depression Risk

Matching the sight and sound of speech — a face to a voice — in early infancy is foundation for later language development and can predict vocabulary and language outcomes.

High-quality child care contributes to later success in science, math

Autism in Adulthood: Finding Out You’re Autistic in Later Life Can Be a Positive Experience

Sports-related concussions not proved to cause later brain disease, says expert group

SpaceX could launch this wild, origami-inspired folding heat shield later this year

Low sexual satisfaction linked to memory decline later in life

Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott got his drill stuck on the moon during an experiment. When he reached a depth of 5.3 feet, lunar soil particles rode up the helix of the drill bit and halted its momentum, postponing his task. The drill chuck was later auctioned for almost $50,000 in 2016

High School Students Need More Sleep and Later School Start Times

Ultraviolet Light Reveals Hidden Bible Chapter Over 1,500 Years Later

Graduate student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor, Antony Hewish, built a radio telescope to observe quasars in 1967. Their discovery won the 1974 Nobel Prize – for Hewish. 50 years later, Burnell was awarded $3 Million in the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

60 years later, high school quality may have a long-term impact on cognition

Diabetes Alert: Big Babies Could Spell Big Trouble for Mothers Years Later

Almost half of people with concussion still show symptoms of brain injury six months later

Rocket Lab to fly used engine for 1st time later this year

New study reports 1 in 5 adults don't want children, and they don't regret it later

Early menopause, later start to hormone therapy may increase risk of Alzheimer's disease