A join clause in the Structured Query Language (SQL) combines columns from one or more tables into a new table.

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India joins Artemis Accords, to launch ISRO-NASA space mission to ISS in 2024

NASA joins Japan's mission to collect the 1st samples of Mars moon Phobos

Former NASA astronaut Doug Hurley joins Busch Light's Earth Month campaign to save the planet for beer

Want to Soar to the Stratosphere? Japan Joins the Balloon Tourism Race

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Mission Joins Expedition 68 Aboard Space Station

A Statin Alternative Joins Drugs That Can Reduce Heart Attack Risk

South Korea Joins Space Race in Tech Drive as Russia’s Isolation Deepens Over War in Ukraine

The Spy Balloons Are Just The Start: Venture Capital Joins Pentagon In Spending Big To Thwart China In Quantum-Tech War

AI Joins Hunt for ET: Study Finds 8 Potential Alien Signals

California Sues Companies Over Insulin Prices, Joining Other States

Airbus joins Starlab commercial space station project

Search for alien life just got 1,000 times bigger after new telescope joins the hunt

Southern hemisphere’s largest radio telescope joins search for extraterrestrial tech | Engadget

France joins ASAT testing moratorium

U.N. mission joins growing calls to label Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’ — The report’s authors said current conservation efforts were not enough to address the “ongoing and increasingly serious challenge” presented by climate change

Here’s All the Science Hitching a Ride on Artemis 1 - A small fleet of CubeStats joins three mannequins, fungus, algae, and more on a trip to the Moon and back

Hilton joins private space station Starlab as hotel partner, to design astronaut suites and facilities

Former NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine joins board of spacecraft propulsion startup Phase Four

NASA Administrator Joins President Biden’s Cancer Cabinet