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NASA OIG Report on Orion heat shield damage and other issues from Artemis I Mission

Quantifying Americanization - the first global, quantitative confirmation of issues often raised or assumed in the literature on Americanization and related phenomena. This study shows that open data from Wikipedia and Wikidata can enable the quantification of social science concepts.

Astrobotic quick to absolve ULA Vulcan of any blame for Peregrine's issues in Mission Update #8: "There is no indication that the propulsion anomaly occurred as a result of the launch."

In any election, there are usually polarizing issues that sway voters toward one candidate or another. A recent study asked more than 2,000 people to rank their preference for political proposals in the leadup to the 2022 elections in France and Brazil, to identify the most polarizing ideas.

Seagrass decline poses issues for carbon storage projects

US government issues first-ever space debris penalty to Dish Network

US issues first-ever space junk fine against Dish Network in 'breakthrough settlement'

US issues first ever fine for space junk to Dish Network