Most global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) are subjected to errors induced by the ionosphere.

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The 2022 Tonga Eruption Created a Very Rare 'Super Plasma Bubble' in The Ionosphere

Powered by Neural Networks – Scientists Develop More Precise Model of the Earth’s Ionosphere

A more precise model of the Earth's ionosphere

Signals from the ionosphere could improve tsunami forecasting and one day help track ash plumes and other fallout from volcanic eruptions, new research suggests.

Signals from the ionosphere could improve tsunami forecasts

NASA'S ICON Space Weather Satellite Has Suddenly Gone Silent | The mission team lost contact with the ionosphere-probing spacecraft two weeks ago and hasn't heard from it since.

Tonga Eruption Made Waves in Earth’s Ionosphere

Tonga Volcanic Eruption Sent Ripples Through Earth’s Ionosphere – Equivalent to 4-18 Megatons of TNT