Inner Core

An ice core is a core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet or a high mountain glacier.

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The rotation of Earth's inner core is slowing down

USC study confirms the rotation of Earth’s inner core has slowed

Inner Core of Earth Began to Decrease Its Speed around 2010, Study Suggests

It's Official: The Rotation of Earth's Inner Core Really Is Slowing Down

The rotation of Earth's inner core has slowed, new study confirms

The rotation of Earth's inner core has slowed, new study confirms - EurekAlert

Earth's inner core is more like a ball of butter than a solid metal sphere, a new study suggests

Earth's Inner Core Isn't A Smooth Sphere After All: It's Textured

Quakes and blasts help scientists understand Earth’s elusive inner core

More evidence found showing the moon's inner core is solid, like Earth's

Readers ask about Earth’s inner core, plant movement and more

Earth’s inner core may be more complex than researchers thought

The Earth has an Even More Inner Core, and it's a Ball of Solid Metal

By measuring the different speeds at which seismic waves penetrate and pass through the Earth's inner core, researchers believe they've documented evidence of a distinct layer inside Earth known as the innermost inner core - a solid 'metallic ball' that sits within the centre of the inner core.

Earth’s Structure Has a Fifth Layer: Bouncing Seismic Waves Reveal Secrets of the Planet’s Inner Core

Earth's Inner Core May Have an Inner Core

Bouncing seismic waves reveal distinct layer in Earth's inner core

Earth's inner core may be slowing down, but “Nothing cataclysmic is happening,” says Hrvoje Tkalcic, a geophysicist at Australian National University. “The inner core is now more in sync with the rest of the planet than a decade ago when it was spinning a bit faster.”

Earth's inner core may be slowing down compared to the rest of the planet

No, Earth’s Inner Core Is Not Reversing The Direction Of Its Spin