Ignorance Is Bliss is the fifth studio album by British rapper Skepta.

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Deliberate ignorance is useful in certain circumstances, researchers say

Ignorance about religion in American political history linked to support for Christian nationalism

Ignorance of history may partly explain why Republicans perceive less racism than Democrats

The field of "deliberate ignorance" studies the kinds of topics that people consistently don't want to know, which includes time of death, whether they'll get divorced, the sex of an unborn child, disease risk, and more.

A Fair Society Evolves From “Veil of Ignorance” – Mongooses Solve Inequality Problem

A Perilously “Profound Ignorance” – As Plant/Animal Diversity Wanes, Is Microbial Life Changing Too?

As plant/animal diversity wanes, is microbial life changing too? A perilously 'profound ignorance'